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CCTV Systems

What CCTV cameras do I need? 

Getting specialist help with installation

Choosing the right CCTV system for your needs is important, as is ensuring it’s installed by an experienced, professional CCTV specialist. To further discuss your options for CCTV, and get a free quote for installation, contact us today.

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We have worked with some of the biggest names in the Nigeria and installed many systems for a variety of end users, from pubs and clubs to warehouses and shops. WhatsApp or Call us on 08093009019 for  more information today! 

CCTV Cameras

Types of CCTV Cameras

IP CCTV Cameras


If you are concerned about crime in your area then you may be considering having CCTV fitted. You’re presented with a wealth of options as soon as you start looking into CCTV cameras from analogue CCTV cameras to HD cameras. But if you really want the best CCTV cameras on the market then you really only have one choice, and that is IP CCTV Cameras.

4 Reasons To Buy IP CCTV Cameras

  • High Image Resolution 

  • Ease of Installation 

  • Analytics and flexible

  • Future Proof

Get IP CCTV Cameras
Installed Now

Call us now on 08093009019 or complete our contact form and we can arrange the installation of IP CCTV cameras at your property. Whether domestic or commercial, our installers are highly experienced and will have your IP CCTV system up and running and protecting you, your family and your property. Don’t delay, call our IP closed circuit television installers today! (29).png

Our team can help you find the best priced IP system in the Nigeria

our national reach means we can install in your property wherever you are!  

Contact us via our social handles or complete contact form for a free quotation today. 

HD CCTV Camera


CCTV for many years was in analogue standard definition but thanks to advances in technology, more and more CCTV systems are using HD CCTV cameras. This technology uses the same technology as that which is used to broadcast High Definition television and gives users a noticeably better and enhanced image over standard resolution CCTV cameras.

HD CCTV cameras are not the top of the range in terms of quality and they are positioned in between standard range CCTV cameras and megapixel IP CCTV. This ‘mid range’ position gives HD CCTV cameras some unique advantages.

Primacy of HD CCTV Cameras

One of advantages of HD camera is quick control. Unlike analogue, any adjustments an operator may make to the position of a camera registers without delay. The camera will turn, tilt and zoom immediately, allowing the focus to fall on any suspicious activity.

We can help you find the best HD CCTV Systems and we provide a professional installation service across Nigeria – call for your free quotation today on 08093009019 or complete the contact form

Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless CCTV

Are you looking for wireless CCTV cameras to protect your home or business? More and more people are opting for wireless cameras and it is easy to see why. Offering easy installation, remote access and visually looking more tidy thanks to the lack of wiring, they are the obvious choice for many people when choosing their CCTV cameras.

However, as good as wireless CCTV cameras are, they may not be suitable in a small number of circumstances.

Why Wireless CCTV Cameras?

  1. Easy Installation

  2. Easy to Connect to Network

Drawbacks of wireless CCTV cameras

  •  Wi-Fi Only As Reliable As Your 

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PTZ CCTV Cameras

PTZ CCTV (24).jpg

PTZ CCTV Cameras

Pan–Tilt–Zoom camera (PTZ camera)

If you are looking for highly effective and highly flexible CCTV cameras the PTZ CCTV camera is a great choice.

PTZ camera is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control

With PTZ standing for pan, tilt and zoom features, it enables you to cover a wide area with far fewer cameras as well as giving you enhanced zoom features.

As well as pan, tilt and zoom features, you can also expand their functionality and use by using them with various software. This means that depending upon the type of PTZ camera you buy, you may be able to enjoy features such as tour recording, guard tour and audio. There is also a wide range of accessories available from mounting kits and joysticks for easy manoeuvring.

How PTZ Works


  • Pan can range from a complete 360 circle to smaller areas

  • The camera can swivel to the left and right, allowing it to have a wide area of coverage​​



  • The camera can tilt up and down, giving it a wide vertical range of coverage

  • The amount the camera can tilt will vary by camera model, but goes up to 180 degrees



  • Optical zoom physically adjusts the camera lens, changing the focal length to zoom in and out; this allows the camera to maintain image quality

  • The amount of optical zoom is expressed as #x, such as 18x, and represents how much the camera can zoom (change the lens focal length)

  • Digital zoom blows up the image using software, often resulting in pixilated images when zoomed too far, and is not recommended

PTZ cameras are hi-tech and housed in a tough, resistant case, it makes them one of, if not the most reliable type of CCTV camera on the market. This heavy duty design makes them weather proof and perfect to be used in a range of different application and scenarios.

Get Your PTZ CCTV Installation Quote

Call our specialist team of advisors now on 08093009091 or complete our contact form for a callback.

we will offer you advice on the purchase and installation of PTZ CCTV cameras as well as answering any questions that you may have.

Take the first step to protecting you, your business or your family with these fabulously flexible CCTV cameras and get in touch today.



The feeling of safety and security is largely what makes your house your home.

A CCTV system installed to your home is an easy way to enhance your personal security and the security of your property, your cars, family and loved ones.

Security cameras work as a deterrent watching over and guarding your residence, wherever you are.

We’ve a wide range of cameras for all locations and all types properties from bungalows or terraced houses, to flats or mansions.

With CCTV cameras featuring night-vision, remote-viewing, motion-detection, vandal-proofing, which on top of being a visual deterrent against crime are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What we offer you:

  • Full High Definition CCTV Systems

  • View footage on Phone/Tablet/PC

  • Crystal Clear Images 

  • Long distance Night Vision even in pitch black

  • Choose how long you record for

  • Professionally Installed

  • 12 Month Warranty

  • After sales service

The footage from our Home CCTV Systems uses Full HD technology to give you crystal clear images during the day

Easy to Use Technology

Because Lotalinks Technologies utilises your existing gadgets to keep you connected and protected, your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV; the gadgets you already know how to use, make our CCTV systems easy to operate.

You can stream live camera views of your property 24/7 on all your devices, plus you have on-demand access to days, weeks or even months of recorded footage, just let our ordering team know how much continuous recording time you need.

Get a free quote for an HD or 4K CCTV system


It is not only large homes that are using CCTV – many home owners are looking for the reassurance that CCTV provides them.

  • Keep an eye on who is visiting kids or dependant relatives using a hidden security camera

  • Actively deter criminals by using signage and cameras

  • Record activity for review at a later date

  • Monitor your home while you are away or on holiday

We can provide free quotations for any type of CCTV system for homes large or small. Please call 08093009019 or complete the quotation form

Hidden Home Security Cameras

Hidden CCTV

Hidden security cameras, also known as spy cameras, have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that they are now more affordable and accessible to the general public. 

We offer a Hidden CCTV Camera Installation Service – Wired or Wireless!

Call 08093009019 for a free quote today or

Commercial CCTV System

Commercial CCTV

The reasons many companies require CCTV for their business operations are growing day by day. Naturally, prevention of theft will be number one on any business owner’s list.  But as today’s society becomes more complex, seemingly more divided and more volatile at times, employee safety and well-being, not to mention an employer’s duty of care, mean that more cameras or perhaps better placed cameras, can only be a good thing.

Surveillance of this sort is not the only priority though. Many companies have a pressing need for monitoring equipment to better manage productivity, waste and maintenance issues for example.

Lotalinks Technologies is an established CCTV installation company offering business security systems for retail outlets, offices, warehouses and all commercial operations at competitive prices. 

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Commercial CCTV is the easiest and most affordable solution for both surveillance and monitoring. It offers your company around the clock observation and recording; internally or externally and even in hard to reach places. All with minimal hassle, personnel or investment of time.

CCTV Cameras Positioning
CCTV Monitoring
We are the Experts in IP Camera Systems
Commercial CCTV Equipments
CCTV Camera System
360° Surveillance for Businesses

The presence of CCTV can give visitors a sense of security too. It all comes down to telling us what sort of CCTV data would best serve your business.

The big decision is which CCTV cameras are best for your premises and purposes, something we can help with. Your CCTV camera options include:

Anchor 2 (33).jpg

Dome Cameras

Commonly used inside and outside business premises, with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom on command and covering an extensive area.

Talk to us about CCTV   

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