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Reduce your Electricity Bills


Save for Tomorrow
...Save the  Environment 

Go Solar


Our team can help you find the best priced solar energy system in the Nigeria

our national reach means we can install in your property wherever you are!  

Contact us via our social handles or complete contact form for a free quotation today. 

Hybrid Solar Power Solutions

Hybrid Solar Energy

What does hybrid technology bring to the power generation?

Solar Energy Hybrids are the solution to a reliable, affordable and dispatchable integration of energies, solving critical needs. From the combination of hybrid solar and fossil fuel power generator, to a hybrid of wind and hydropower, these  systems can drive vital stability and minimises cost.

Each hybrid power application is unique and can integrate energy generation sources with one another, such as power grid and solar.

Get Your free Hybrid Solar Energy Installation Quote

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We will offer you advice on the purchase and installation of Hybrid Solar System as well as answering any questions that you may have.

Whether the electricity bill is bothering you or you want an easy way to power your world with abundant and clean sunshine, Lotalinks Technologies will provide you a positive experience while going solar.

Take the first step and get in touch today.

Solar Products

Solar Products

Find The Right Products For Your Solar Needs

Solar Energy Panels

We can help you find the best Solar Products and we provide a professional installation service across Nigeria

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Clean Energy Solar Installation

Solar Installation

There are six major steps to a solar system installation that
Lotalinks Technologies follow:

  1. Engineering site visit

  2. Estimation of cost of Solar System installation

  3. Solar Power System Planning, Design and documentation

  4. Ordering equipment

  5. Solar Panel, Inverter, MPPT Controllers and batteries installation

  6. Inspection, approval and interconnection


Book a Free Quote Today  

Act now and call 08093009019 or complete our contact form to start the process of getting your Solar system installed. Our install only services are priced very competitively and you will ensure that your Solar system is fully working and powering your house and business, 24 hours a day.

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