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5 Ways to Know if Your Smartphone is at Hacking Risks: Learn How to Prevent it

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Ethical and unethical hackings are the blessings and curse of the cyber world.

Nowadays, most of the people are very much dependent on their smartphone rather than laptop or desktops. That is why the hijackers always aim to catch a big fish in the exchange of money. This happens because most of the business organizations’ mobile security systems have a loophole or blind spot.

Something’s not right. Maybe your phone is losing its charge way too quickly. Or one day it suddenly starts turning itself off and on again. Perhaps it’s running hot, so hot it’s hard to hold. Likewise, you might see outgoing calls that you never dialed or strange spikes in your data usage. Signs like these could mean that your smartphone’s been hacked.

The Risks of Smartphone Hacking

Whenever your smartphone has unauthorized intruder access, you are at high risk of losing your vital data. After that, the hijackers can easily gain access to your banking credentials to extract all the money. On the other hand, black hat hackers also have the capability to corrupt your device remotely. If your smartphone is directly synced with your computer, then there is a high chance that you could lose your PC data, too.

Identifying the Risk at a Glance

Most people are not tech experts. So, it is not possible for them to identify when an unknown intruder is going to access their smartphone. But, there are a few common signs that will be helpful for you to identify the risk. You can also seek help from mobile repair regarding this matter. Some of the signs are- sudden data deletion, OS corruption, features not turning on properly, loss of vital credentials, battery draining faster than usual, and others.

Prevention is Better than Cure

So, what if you take most of the security measures on the very first note before something happens. Experts say that you should opt for adequate measures because once the data is gone, you cannot find it anymore.

  • Basic Tips

Never ever leave your phone alone anywhere. The most clever idea is to keep the phone with you all the time. Furthermore, keeping a password on your phone’s lock screen is very important. In case, if someone tries to access your phone, they cannot access it fully. When you are accessing your banking and other important information on your phone, then it is better to lock that application with a secured pin.

  • Perform System and App Updates

The main security of your mobile phone lies in its system software, apart from that, the security of data lies in the pre and manually installed software. That is why updating the software is important. Whenever the system itself checks for the update, it will show you the notification. Update all the apps, as well as the OS to maintain perfect security against all the latest threats.

  • Eliminate History and Cookies

At the end of the day, after work, not only your mobile phone but also your computer gathers all the browsing history, cookies, templates and others. These are the traces that can help a hacker to penetrate into your smartphone. That is after each day’s work, delete all of your browsing history and the other items like cookies, caches, and many more. This will reduce the possibility of becoming a victim to the hackers.

  • Install Secured Applications

There are tons of applications available in the Play Store and App store. You will get your desired app at your fingertips. But, is it safe to download and install it on your phone? You have to look into this matter before installing the application.

Before installing any application from both the platforms, always check the ratings, as well as the comments. Make sure you read them carefully as those people have already had either a positive or negative experience with the app. If you are unable to understand this mechanism, ask the mobile repair to help you out.

  • Avoid Calls and Messages from Unknown Sources

You might receive messages of taking loans, offers and other attractive things via text messages and calls. This might seem to be a normal thing, but there is a big game going on at the back end. If you receive these calls or reply to those messages, a certain type of sophisticated algorithms will gain access to your phone. That is why you must not download any kind of applications by the given link in messages.

Other Security Measures

Always try to buy smartphones that have a good security system. Never ever turn on the Wi-Fi in any random places. Here, most of the Wi-Fi connections are uncapped and anyone can gain access to your personal information from the device.

Moreover, if you are using more than one smartphone, never register or log in with your vital credentials in both the devices.

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