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Common Mistakes When Installing Video Security System

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Video credit: HIKVISION

With more people increasingly becoming concerned about their security each day, installing CCTV has become commonplace in homes, commercial buildings and private properties throughout the world. In fact, lots of people have come to realize that a CCTV system is an incredibly important security equipment that can guarantee them maximum security in their homes and business premises. Nevertheless, there are still many who have CCTV systems installed in their homes, yet their systems hardly last for the expected duration of time. Most definitely, this is due to wrong CCTV installation. There are a number of CCTV installation mistakes that lots of people make and which end up compromising on their security as well as the security of their loved ones.

Proper CCTV installation can help enhance your security and most importantly ensure your loved ones and your business premises are not under any security threat. It is thus prudent to avoid these common CCTV installation mistakes alongside others before embarking on your CCTV installation project.

CCTV camera is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity considering the rising rate of crime. It is the only way in which you can successfully ward off thieves and other miscreants before they even intrude your property. However, only proper CCTV camera installation is effective in keeping intruders at bay. The question remains how to install the cameras in a manner that they provide the highest level of security. Well, discussed below are a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs when installing CCTV camera in your property.

1. Improper Positioning of the CCTV Camera.

For maximum security, the CCTV camera should be installed at an appropriate angle so that the area is clearly visible in the monitor. There is no use of installing the camera if there is an obstruction which hinders proper view. As such, you must avoid areas where there are trees or sunbeam is high. The ideal place for placing a camera is below a roof in a downward position.

2. Purchasing Inferior Quality of the Camera.

Everybody wants to work in a limited budget but if you get a cheap quality of camera installed, it will end up costing you a lot in the long run. This is because you will have to pay more in its maintenance. Furthermore, the cheap camera will not offer a good resolution and lens. It is prudent to consider different options for CCTV cameras, read their reviews and then choose the one that appears the best. Good quality of CCTV camera requires less maintenance and give a good quality of output.

3. Insufficient Maintenance.

Your job with regard to CCTV installation does not simply get over once they are securely placed. You will need to periodically check their condition to ensure that they continue to function nicely. Proper maintenance is highly necessary to ensure that your camera does not malfunction at any point in time. To the same end, if the cables are properly intact, you will have a lot of ease during the repair and maintenance work of CCTV camera.

4. Not Securing the Security System.

If you have WIFI at your premises, then you can easily view the footage of your CCTV camera when you are away. However, owing to technological evolutions, these systems are susceptible to hacking. As a thumb of rule, you must avoid using the phone number, date of birth, or name as your password and you must change it every once in a while. For ensuring complete security of your security system, the password must not be known to anybody else other apart from you.

5. Fewer than Required CCTV Cameras.

You must get an adequate number of CCTV cameras installed depending on the size of your premises. Having one or two cameras in a 3-bedroom apartment will be like having no CCTV cameras in the apartment at all. For all around security, it is essential that you get a sufficient number of CCTV cameras installed.

6. Not Activating Alerts.

You have a lot of things to tend to. You cannot sit in front of the monitor the entire day to check the CCTV camera footage. You must ensure that the CCTV camera you are considering for installation comes with a signaling feature that will notify you immediately in case anyone tries to break into your property. This will enable you to inform the police at the earliest so that the damage and loss are kept at the minimal.

7. Not Hiring Professionals for CCTV Camera Installation.

Deciding to install the CCTV camera on your own is the wrong decision. You must hire qualified and skilled technicians for CCTV camera installation since they have the necessary knowledge and equipment for properly installing the camera.

Avoid the aforementioned common mistakes at all costs when installing CCTV camera in your premises. Find a reputable supplier of security systems who can provide you good quality of cameras. Furthermore, hire professional installers who can properly place the cameras for effective security.

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