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Hikvision 4 Channel 1080p CCTV Complete Installation Kit with DVR, Turbo HD Security Cameras, HDD, Power Supply, Connectors

Buy our complete and affordable CCTV security system kit and secure your home and office with CCTV security. This is a 4 camera CCTV bundle that you can buy and get CCTV installer to setup the system for you. We also have CCTV installers available to offer you professional CCTV security camera installation at affordable cost.

Hikvision 4-CH Turbo HD DVR CCTV Complete Installation Kit

PriceFrom ₦130,000.00

    1. 4 Channel Turbo HD DVR = 1pcs

    2. Outdoor Turbo HD Bullet camera 1080P - 2MP (720P - 1MP) = 2pcs

    3. Indoor Turbo HD Turret camera 1080P - 2MP (720P - 1MP) = 2pcs

    4. Coax + Power (RG59) cable 100m = 1pcs

    5. Power supply (4 Way) 12V = 1pcs

    6. BNC Connectors = 8pcs

    7. DC Connectors = 4pcs

    8. HDD 1TB (HDD 2TB) = 1pcs

    9. HDMI cable = 1pcs

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