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Solar Power Solutions 

Demand Better Solar

Choose innovation you can trust

When you decide to go solar, there are two important steps:

  1. Identifying the highest-quality solar components

  2. Choosing a reliable installer who will be with you each step of the way

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Design, Installation & Maintenance

A fully detailed engineering design and turnkey solutions of on-grid or off-grid solar systems for residential and commercial

Lotalinks Technologies helps you maximise the value of your solar investment

Setting New Limits

Like you, we believe records are made to be broken. Together, we can soar higher. Race faster. Sail further. Dream bigger.

Trusted by Expert

Our engineers are changing the way our world is powered. That is why we are the technology of choice for companies and residentials.

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Turning  Sunshine to Clean Electricity

Turning Sunshing

Photovoltaic technology directly converts light from the sun into electricity. It’s used on the solar panels that adorn rooftops. On its own, a single photovoltaic cell won’t generate much power.  But cells can be linked together to create solar modules, which are more commonly known as panels.

When panels are connected to one another they create solar arrays, which can then be hooked up to the electrical grid. Solar farms or parks are large scale photovoltaic installations that can generate utility scale power.


The energy we get free from the Sun is free and abundant. How do we harness it?

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We have worked with some of the biggest names in the Nigeria and installed many systems for a variety of end users, from pubs and clubs to warehouses and shops.

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