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A CCTV power supply box, also known as a power distribution box, allows surveillance system installers to easily manage the power to multiple CCTV cameras at a central point (usually at the location of the DVR). This allows your camera installation to be neater. For example, instead of having 8 individual transformers plugged into a power strip/electric surge protector, all of your camera power wires can neatly be run to a 9-port power supply box. We also have 4-port and-18 port models available.


Power supply boxes are typically installed near your DVR. These boxes are very simple to install. Each camera's power cable simply screws into the power distribution block inside the box. The power supply box plugs into a standard power outlet.

CCTV 12V DC Power Distribution Box

PriceFrom ₦7,000.00
    • COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY: New Metal Materials, Compression, Wear-resisting Reinforcement Enclosure Structure, Used more safely and conveniently than other thanks to its sealed design
    • SEPARATELY FUSED PORTS: Every Channel is Protected by using separate fused to ensure short-circuits and surges do not affect other connected devices.
    • TOTAL MAX OUTPUT: 20 AMP for 18 port, 10 AMP for 9 port and 5 AMP for 4 port Power Distribution Box. DC Voltage Can be Adjusted 10%, Good Load Capacity, Input and Output Over-voltage Protection
    • MULTIPLE USES: can be used to power most any DC 12V devices, including CCTV security equipment, Mics, and Lighting equipment.
    • PACKAGE INCLUDES: One 18CH or 9CH or 4CH 12V DC Power box, Key Lock, Rubber Seal, Power cord & Installation Accessories
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