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Lotalinks Technologies Ltd has a wide selection of quality accessories for security cameras and surveillance systems. We do our best to bring you the best accessories for your installation or upgrade needs and supply you with CCTV connectors, power adapters, power splitters, extension cables, HDMI cables, HDMI splitters, lenses, brackets, housings, LCD flat monitors and surveillance signs. Whatever type of accessory you need, we have multiple options in stock! 

CCTV Connectors and Adaptors

PriceFrom ₦500.00
  • Connectors play a very important role in any transmission line. Their construction and quality have direct influence on connection stability, attenuation, return loss, mechanical strength.

    Our connectors and adaptors for CCTV are the extras that make everything work together, including

    RCA connectors

    BNC Balun (RG59) connectors

    BNC Balun connectors Adapter for Coax Cat5e & Cat6 cables

    HD BNC Video Balun Transceiver

    DC Power Adopter connectors.

    DC Power Splitter 

    HDMI Splitter 

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