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Voltage Surge Arrester Device, 2P Surge Protective Device DC Photovoltaic Lightning Protector Low-Voltage Arrester 3.0KV (2P20/40KA)


About this item

  • Good conductivity: This surge protector uses copper fittings for good electrical conductivity.
  • Long service life: The product is manufactured with precision electronic components for longer life and more stable performance.
  • Simple installation: This household surge protector is installed with 2P rails, mounted on standard 36MM rails, and used in conjunction with circuit breakers in the distribution box. Installation is very simple.
  • High safety: The outer casing of the arrester is made of PC flame retardant material and is safer to use.
  • Simple and convenient: The product is modular in design and easy to use and maintain.

DC Photovoltaic Lightning Protector Low-Voltage Arrester

₦12,000.00 Regular Price
₦10,000.00Sale Price
    • Material: PC flame retardant shell
    • Uc: 150V - 1000V
    • Type: #1, 10/20KA;   #2, 20/40KA(Optional)
    • Nominal discharge current: 10KA(#1), 20KA(#2)
    • Maximum discharge current: 20KA(#1), 40KA(#2)
    • Installation mode: 2P Guide rail mounting
    • Residual voltage after unloading voltage: <3.0KV
    • Rated connectivity and segmentation Ability: 1M
    • Product dimension: 90×49×36mm / 3.5×1.9×1.4in
    • Weight: 260g/9.2oz
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