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PV Combiner Box, 2 to 6 String, 63A Circuit Breaker, Lightning Arrestor, Connector for On/Off Grid Solar Panel System, IP65


Product Description:

PV6/1 combiner box is suitable for inverter (MAX input voltage DC550V/DC1000V, 6PV input channel, 1/2 output channel, single MPPT inverter). Box body is made of PVC engineering materials, with test for fire retardant, Temperature rise, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet, and other testing. IP65 protection grade.


Design and configuration strictly accordance with the "Technical specification for photo-voltaic junction equipment''


Provide users with a safe, brief, beautiful and applicable photo-voltaic system products.

PV Combiner Box, 2 - 6 String for On/Off Grid Solar Panel System

PriceFrom ₦15,000.00
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