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Iron rack for inverter Gel/AGM/Tubular batteries, designed for space saving, as batteries and inverters only occupy a small space

  • The battery Iron Rack for Inverter Batteries design is space-saving, as batteries and inverters only occupy a small space. It allows for battery aeration with an open body design.
  • It is durable and has a long-life span. It is also made with very strong metal so as to withstand the heavy weight of an inverter battery bank.
  • Nonetheless, it also withstands battery weight without sagging and provides easy access for batteries removals when maintenance is necessary for batteries that needs maintenance.
  • In addition, this iron-framed battery rack can accommodate any battery cell and has a design that blends well with the environment.
  • Our battery Iron Rack is finished in clean design and rugged for batteries stacking withstand batteries weight. That is, its solidity design can withstand the weight of a battery bank. They are also easy to use, flexible and reliable.
  • In conclusion, this battery Iron Rack for Inverter is efficient for its use because of its design and worth its pay.

Solar Battery Rack

PriceFrom ₦10,000.00
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