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Recover data and files from a computer that does not start, both Windows and Linux, with Redo Backup

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Whenever we talk about a computer that does not start and does not start because it is broken or reformatted, the first thought that comes to mind is the recovery of files and data that are inside.

This becomes a big problem if you have not been foresight and have not thought about before making a backup, at least of the important files.

All work or school documents, holiday photos, videos and much more must be recovered, therefore, generally, we go to the technician and ask, in addition to the repair of the PC and the reinstallation of the operating system, recovery of files.

As we have seen on other occasions, when a PC does not start anymore and if Windows does not load due to some serious error or a virus, there are some DIY (Do It Yourself) ways to repair it and restart it but anyway, first you must always recover the data and save it on an external disk.

In this article we see a program that allows you to make a backup even without starting Windows and that works even if the computer is Linux.

Before formatting a computer and restoring it from scratch, if you have not proceeded with the creation of backup disk images beforehand , you must save all the data in it.

The only way to save files if the computer does not start , either Windows or Linux, is using a live cd, i.e. starting the PC from a CD where there is an alternative operating system that does not require installation.

You can then create a live Windows cd, A faster and easier way is using a USB pen operating system like Puppy Linux .

This way you use an environment that has its own copy and transfer tools to use to save files on an external hard drive.

Perhaps a better solution is to use a real backup program that works as a live CD, without installation and, above all, that is easy to use for anyone, even for those who are not expert.

Redo Backup & Recovery is, in fact, a small Linux open source system, that can be downloaded (70 MB files) and use for free and that it works on the pc that does not start, whether it is installed Windows or Linux .

So, unlike most of the most popular backup programs, even if the hard disk in your computer should melt, you can still have an active and working system (on a new hard disk, of course) in no more than 10 minutes.

This disaster recovery tool looks like an ISO file that you can easily burn to a CD-ROM or USB stick.

By starting the computer from a CD or USB (from the Bios) you can access a graphical interface that is also easy to use and allows you to view the files on your computer and copy them and save them on another hard disk with a real backup procedure.

This Redo Backup and Recovery also allows you to recover deleted files from the hard disk. With Redo you have a sort of emergency operating system that also supports internet connection .

You can thus browse websites with Firefox, perhaps looking for assistance or instructions, you can start a chat program and there are also diagnostic tools.

Basically, since other data recovery programs are quite complicated, this Redo becomes a software to be downloaded immediately and burned to a CD so as to keep it ready in case of emergency.


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